November 12, 2010

Lnx2Mac's RTL81xx gets installer !

While the development of a new beta driver is taking longer than I would like, I decided to create an OS X Installer Package for a slightly modified version of the current Beta 0.0.67

This should help in getting a smooth installation of the driver in no-time (while requiring less Hackintosh expertise).

The benefits of using this Installer Package are:
  • Extremely easy installation
  • Allows installing Release or Debug version
  • Moves away conflicting kexts (but keeps them safely on your desktop)

I dub this version v0.0.67+ as it fixes an issue when installed on systems with both an RTL8168 and the (currently unsupported) RTL8169 NICs.

So, you might ask: Should I install this ?
Short answer: If v0.0.67 works for you, there's no need to install this !

This is the preferred (and supported) installation method for new installs, as all future versions will be using an installer like this one.

For more details, head on to the RealtekRTL81xx OSX Driver page.



  1. Boy! Have I needed this install pkg. Thanks for considering us who are not knowledgeable about .kext mod'ing.

  2. Hi! When do you think it will possible to have a solution for 8102/2103?

    I would apreciate, a lot.

    Thanks for the amazing work

  3. @Anonymous: Still working on support for 810x... Stay tuned.

  4. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Recently upgraded to 10.6.5 and had kernel panics... so I built again from scratch (10.6.3) and used time machine to restore my individual files. Upgraded to 10.6.5 and used multibeast 2.4 afterwards (prior to reboot) and then lost network after reboot... Tried installing the RealTek driver from MultiBeast as per, no luck! Your PKG solved the issue. Thanks a bunch!
    Asus P7P55D LX
    i5 750 Quad Core
    4 GB G.Skill RipJaws (PC3 12800)
    EVGA Nvida 9500 1GB

    new to a lot of the mac world other than basic using it for surfing.... happy with my $500 Mac!

    Will keep you posted if I have any intermitent problems with this Beta! 0.67+

  5. Lnx2Mac

    Why only 0x816810ec is inside the plist?. Waht happen to the other 0x816910ec 0x816710ec 0x813610ec device id ?

  6. @Harold: The reason I removed these DeviceIDs is that support for those is not yet implemented in v0.0.67

  7. support for RTL8101E/8102E HOW MUCH TIME FAR?

  8. @LACOSTE111: Still working on this...

  9. Hi Lnx2Mac,

    Your kext works very well on my machine. Sleeps and wakes up like snow white kissed by the prince. Thanks a bunch.

    However, I do have one issue which I do not know if this is caused by the kext. Most of the time when the system wakes up, my USB keyboard would stop responding to any key although it is woken up by pressing any key on the keyboard. Could this been the caused?

    Am confused.

  10. @Anonymous: Glad it works for you !

    The USB device dead on wake-up is unrelated to this kext.

    I've seen posts about this in many forums, and it seems to be the result of the interaction between your BIOS / DSDT / USB kext.

    Usually, waking up with the Power-button prevents this problem.

  11. Thanks Lnx2Mac.

    Perhaps I will have to learn how to edit the DSDT, its annoying, that the USB keyboard has to be unplug and plu each time the system sleeps

  12. Hi Lnx2Mac,

    Very much thanks for this nice kext!
    I have one little problem, after sleep my NIC is not waking up until I plug the cable in and out.
    I'm on GA-EX58-UD5 with Realtek 8168 NIC

    Thanks in advance

  13. @Tz0ne7: Are you using the latest BIOS version ?
    Check also your BIOS settings for substantial differences with my Optimal BIOS Configuration.

    If problem persists, please see how to report problems on the RTL81xx OS X Driver project page

  14. Hello... I think I'm going nuts on this! I can't download your file (driver and installer). Google gives me an error and nothing happens. :'(

    "Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS):"

    I would have been great if you added more download sources for your job, so that it won't be as vulnerable as it currently is. I'm kind of new to this, but my suggestion is that you use dropbox public folder, megaupload or something like that too.

    It would be awesome if you made the download button (links) easier to find on your blog as well.

    With this said I thank you in advance for your job. My board ga-58a-UD7 wants network drivers asap! :) Regards rallyreavan91 ... you might have recieved a pm about this on tonymacx86 blog too! :)

  15. @rallyreavan91: Sorry to hear you are having trouble downloading the driver...
    Could be a temporary problem in Google ?...
    I searched about this error, and it seems it happens with Chrome when your time/date is out-of-sync...
    May be you can try with a different browser ?

  16. hey lnx2mac.. nice job with the driver. running into a problem with my system, though, have an H55N-USB3 and GT240 card. having sleep/wake issues with the driver, locking up the system after waking from suspend. It's a pretty vanilla install, will be happy to send you debug logs if you can help!


  17. @sam: Thanks for your comment.

    Are you using a DSDT ? Did the machine properly sleep-wake before installing this driver ?

  18. hey dear,
    thank u for ur nice work! but actually it doesn't work on foxconn 945p7ad. after installing network works fine but when the mac goes to sleep and wakes up again it isn't possible to get an ip again. also it isn't possible to wol the mac. with the original realtek 2.0.5 the network still works after wake up (WOL doen't work).

    i had to fix a lot of thing in the dsdt to get the mainboard running fluently - perhaps i changed something important?! link to dsdt.aml:

    by the way: it's rtl 111b :)

  19. @David: Could be the DSDT...
    Please see Reporting Problems in my RealtekRTL81xx OSX Driver page.

  20. Works great! No problems installing on GA-P55M-UD2, i3 and 8600GTS

  21. Excellent work!!! This driver is sweet. The 'official' Realtek drivers were giving me regular kernel panics on 10.6.5/6 but yours has made my system rock solid!

  22. @iciclethief: Thanks for your kind words !

  23. I was hopeless. Walking side by side with wolves and turtles, but then I saw the light. The warm and motherly energy took care of me, she said everything was going to be allright. I believed her.
    So, I installed lnx2mac drivers and took a nap. Not the kind of nap you would normally take. But the one you stop worrying and let things take it's road.
    When I woke up, my OSX was recognizing the ethernet integrated circuits of my mother board. Magic, I said. But I didn't believed my own words. It was greater than that. It was lnx2mac RTL8xx drivers and it's newly programmed installer.
    What a badass driver that was! They don't make it like that anymore.
    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night having this Windows' nightmares. Poor Windows XP's souls struggling to find a way to install their printer.
    Some day my friend, some day...

  24. @coffee: WOW !
    Thanks for this wonderful poetry ! ;)

  25. Hi Lnx2Mac - is there any progress with jumbo frames and your driver?


  26. @Tonyd: Unfortunately not. :(
    Still overloaded at work.

  27. Hi,
    I use Ubuntu on my notebook and was thinking to Hackint0sh it, but my wifi's driver was already hard to find for *nix.
    My card is a RTL8192SE, but I heard that RTL8191SE-VA2's driver works fine.
    Do you think to add support to this model?

    Best regards,

  28. @Gutem: The 819x se WLAN adapters don't belong to the family of NICs this driver supports (816x).

  29. Hi,

    I have an EVGA X58 SLI mobo. Everything is running fine except for the ethernet. Will installing this package fix it?

    I read the post where you say to change the BIOS or re-flash it, but does that mean I'll have to reinstall everything again?

  30. @Anonymous: It seems the EVGA X58 SLI uses the RTL8169 (couldn't find exact specs). If so, this package will help.

    As for changing BIOS/re-flashing, no you won't have to reinstall.

    Good Luck!

  31. It worked! Thanks a lot, Lnx2Mac. Now I need to figure out why Flash isn't working in the new FireFox :(

  32. RTL8101E/8102E please!!!!!!!!


    thanks for all the good job.

    any idea when will be release the support for this rtl8101/02?

  33. @Lucas: It's getting closer...
    As for a date, well, I'll release it When it's ready.

    Thanks for your patience.

  34. thx)
    work on 8112L (ASUS P5G41T-M LX2)

  35. you might not get this enough, and tony takes all the credit, but thank you for enabling everything on my hackintosh :D im one happy person thanks to your realtek installer

  36. @Anonymous: Thanks for your kind words.

    And I think tony is doing a great job in making Hackintosh accessible and easy to everyone.

  37. thanks i will try it now