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Due to the shortcomings of the current Realtek 81xx Hackintosh drivers (such as lack of or limited support of 8111E, 32/64-bit, sleep issues), I endeavored to port the Linux RTL81xx driver to Mac OS X.

Porting a driver is never a trivial task, but this one brought two interesting challenges:
  1. Lack of documentation (Realtek provides it only under NDA)
  2. and... I didn't have access to a board with the 8111E

I started this port based on Chuck Fry's "Chucko R1000SL", and merging in support for new chips, from the Realtek Official Linux drivers (released August 31, 2010).

RealtekRTL81xx.kext is the result of this work, and it fully supports the RTL8168/RTL8111 family of NICs.


Some highlights of the issues it fixes, and features provided are:
  • Support for the following Realtek chips:
    • RTL8168 / RTL8168B / RTL8168C
    • RTL8111 / RTL8111B / RTL8111C / RTL8111CP / RTL8111D / RTL8111D(L) / RTL8111DP / RTL8111E
    • Newer (SandyBridge) RTL8111E, RTL8111E-VL, and RTL8111F (Since v0.0.90)
  • Full 32-bit and 64-bit support
  • Fixed Sleep/Wake issues
  • Full support of WakeOnLAN (Since v0.0.90)
  • Full support of WakeOnDemand (Since v0.0.90)
  • Improved Auto-Negotiation
  • Implemented negotiated-media reporting
  • Improved stability
  • Improved performance (see image below)
  • Numerous unreported/minor bug fixes
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion support
  • Convenient Installer Package

Over 80 members of the tonymacx86 Forum participated in 6 restricted beta cycles, testing it on several platforms, P55, H55, X58.
I'd like to specially thank MacMan for his cooperation and invaluable help in alpha testing this (for several days, I would email him the driver, and he would reply with logs) !

Support my work:

As you probably understand, a lot of time and effort was (and is) spent on developing and maintaining this project.

I plan to keep this Driver free and public for anyone in the Mac OS X community.

If you like it, please consider helping.
Making a donation is not required, but will be greatly appreciated !

Download Links:

Please Do not redistribute this, but instead link to this page. Current Stable Release: N/A Current BETA Release: Previous BETA Releases:

Installation instructions:

  • Download and execute the Installer .pkg file
  • Follow the instructions on screen
Note that if you have installed conflicting kexts, these will be moved to a folder on your desktop.


Based on the number of problem reports I get, I created the following page: Reviving Dead Ethernet Ports

Reporting Problems:

The guys at the tonymacx86 Forum created a subforum just for this! Thanks guys, you rock ! Report all issues there !
Other comments and feedback, can be posted here.


There's currently an issue with Blogger not showing/accepting comments on Static Pages.

In the meantime, please post your comments in the Lnx2Mac Releases new RTL81xx Beta blog post.
Update: As of 19-Oct-2011 4:00AM GMT, it seems this blogger issue has been fixed


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Anonymous said...

This driver is a great deal faster for me. My netbook’s RTL8111DL-based ExpressCard has more than twice the throughput with this driver compared to the RealtekR1000SL.kext (29MB/s up from 14MB/s) when copying files via AFP over 1GE.

Anonymous said...

Testing it oN my Hackintosh GA-P35-DS3L REV:20 witha RTL8111B. So far so good! Its looks likes to me that it is a bit faster that RTL8169Ethernet.kext i used before.
Is there any benefits of using this instead of the one i mentioned inside IONetworkingfamily.kext?

Lnx2Mac said...

Glad it works for you.
I just posted a comparison of this one with the one that Realtek released today (!) here

Anders said...

Where is the source code?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anders: The source code is still unreleased.
Will release after the beta.

Anonymous said...

This is just what I need. with the IONetworkingFamily.kext when I sleep my hackintosh and wake it up I lose connectivity using x58a-ud3r REV2.0 (this seems to be a known issue). Well when I saw you new post. I deleted the IONetworkingFamily.kext added your new kext rebuilt everything repaired perms and ... no network/ethernet at all. Question: does this work for x58a-ud3r on board lan ?

Lnx2Mac said...

You shouldn't have removed the whole IONetworkingFamily.kext... Just the RealtekR1000SL.kext (or the original Realtek one, though this is unneeded now).

Please restore your IONetworkingFamily.kext, and install RealtekRTL81xx.kext along with it.

Oh, and Yes!
It works beautifully on the GA-X58A-UD3R !

Anonymous said...

this works better then the realtek original XD

Anonymous said...

it's me again... just donated !
keep on your great job on this

Lnx2Mac said...


Thanks for your feedback and donation !

Much appreciate it !

Anonymous said...

Thanks much! Seems to have solved the 'no USB after reboot' issue.

***Not sure if I'm alone here, but in order for my reboot issue to go away I had to run "system utilities" in MultiBeast. I assumed this same utility is ran in KextBeast, but for some reason didn't work for me alone.

Lnx2Mac said...

The 'no USB after reboot' issue seems to be a direct result of the Realtek 2.0.5 driver.

The MultiBeast vs. KextBeast is probably a coincidence, as these do almost the same thing.

However, after experiencing the USB issue, you probably want to power-off and cold-boot your rig.

Cartri said...

Thanks for your work!
I hope more people like us can bring OSX to freedom!
The link for this page is now into my site downloads page and will be commented on the next bios releases row

Lnx2Mac said...

@Cartri: Thanks for your comment and for linking !
Vive la liberté!

saul said...

ahhh works great!!! wish i knew about this before i spend $35 on making a airport card!!

Lord Anubis said...


Great job, but have a question.
Whats the difference between yours and the newly original from last week from Realtek?


Lnx2Mac said...

@Lord Anubis:
The Realtek one supports older NICs, but has sleep issues, and seems to affect USB on some motherboards.
Mine will be Open-Source.

For a more in depth comparison see this post

Anonymous said...

Works fawless with Cartri BIOS, is amazing...sometimes my hack seems flying better then my real mac pro!

Thnx you!


Lnx2Mac said...

@Macita: Glad it works for you !

Lord anubis said...

What about Bonjour, is that working perfect? My server is very much depending on bonjour. And the clients app's of course. In the current situation sometimes bonjour get kicked out.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Lord Anubis: Yes, Bonjour works perfectly !

Bit Shoveler said...

I'm happy to see someone has extended my work on this driver! I received many requests to add 8111E support, but I didn't have time, nor did I have the hardware to test against. Thank you for your efforts!

Lnx2Mac said...

@Bit Shoveler(Chucko): Thanks for your comment !

Without your great work on R1000SL, this would have been extremely difficult !

I didn't have the hardware either...
That's where MacMan and the community helped! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is working great on an EP45-UD3P! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
It works on my Gigabyte X58A-UD3R-2.0-FB

oldefixuser said...

I am wondering if this will work with my conroe 1333-d667 mb. It has the 8101e realtek chipset (to the best of my memory... i'm not in front of it now). The reason that I am looking in to this is because at present I cannot put this mb to sleep... i have lan, but no sleep.

Any ideas folks?



Lnx2Mac said...

@oldefixuser: Unfortunately the current beta doesn't support the 8101E yet.

It's planned for future beta versions (soon to be released)...
So you might want to subscribe to this site or follow my twitter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your work.
Testing it on gigabyte p45-ud3r with cartri bios, multicast doesn't work(sap announce in vlc, bonjure). It works with RealtekR1000SL.kext.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Please see Reporting Problems above.

AFAIK, there are no Bonjour problems with the driver.

I look forward to read your post, to debug and identify the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hi lnx2Mac! Thanks for your great work! Just want to post some feedback, albeit not to be taken as final. You stated on Tonymacx86 that you hadn't tested for WOL. Well, I use WOL a lot. With my previous R1000SL from chucko, together with a modified IONetworkingFamily.kext downloaded from Cartri's web (also great work, by the way Cartri: muito obrigado!), WOL worked perfectly every time, even from OFF state. I removed chucko's driver and installed yours, as recommended by Cartri, from my GA-EP45-UD3LR, BUT leaving the IONetw...kext. Since then, WOL has been working erratically. I said before that my comment is not to be taken as final, since I have yet to test behaviour with the original, unmodified ION..kext from 10.6.4, since that might be the cause. Just to let you and other users know, in the hope of gathering more experience. I'll get back to you after the long weekend, tuesday is a big bank holiday here in Spain and I'm off to Córdoba to visit the in-laws... have a nice week-end!

Lnx2Mac said...

@wildschwein: Hola ! Gracias por tu comentario !

Indeed I don't use WOL, however MacMan uses it and tested it quite thoroughly.

As for IONetworkingFamily.kext, I use the 10.6.4 vanilla one.

Unfortunately I still don't have Cartri BIOS for my P55M-UD4.

I'll appreciate if you could start a topic in the tonymacx86 forum (as stated above in Reporting Problems), to debug and identify the problem.

Disfruta del feriado y de Córdoba !

Anonymous said...

Thank you, but it supports the definition

Realtek RTL8102E/RTL8103E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20)

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Unfortunately the current beta doesn't support the 8102E/8103E yet.

It's planned for future beta versions (soon to be released)...
So you might want to subscribe to this site or follow my twitter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Manu said...

Can't get the RTL8111E work on my GA-P55-USB3 rev.2 (Bios F8)
The system recognizes a new ethernet card but i dont't get a connection.

Lyberry said...

Lnx2Mac, Do you have a timeline for a new release with support for the 8169 chipset ?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Manu: Please start a topic in the tonymacx86 forum (as stated above in Reporting Problems), to debug and identify the problem.
It should work fine on your build.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Lyberry: I'm working on this...
However, lately I've been swamped with work, so it's taking longer than I wanted...

Stay tuned though... It's gonna be soon.

Anonymous said...

After a clean install I followed your instructions to the letter.
The driver seems to be working just fine.

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R-FB

Keep up the good work!

eMatoS said...

Working great here, GA-H55M-USB3, don't know why but at first it was very slow and sometimes stopped completely till reboot. Now it's all right, and as I said I don't know what happened, it just started working fine after many dsdt, chameleon and kexts tested while trying to get speedstep working. Great work Lnx2Mac.
Will be testing for sleep and more as soon as I can get it running fine, otherwise I won't know what to blame for the problems that may occur.

Jinhwan said...

Thanks for great works..

I have X58A-UD3R

all feature is working but bonjour.

I tested RT2580 (USB Wireless adapter).
It works with bonjour.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Jinhwan: Bonjour should work with the driver.

Please see Reporting Problems above.

rafacq said...

The driver works great on the ASUS P7P55D-E Pro! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

First of all many thanks for your great work. Unfortunately, I have the problem that I can use wake on lan not, I had the hope to me that with your kext is possible. Sorry, could also not solve the problem. I have the Boad GA-P35-DS4 with Snow Leopard and the ASERBLN_GA-P35-DSX_V3 installer. in the BIOS is also set all. maybe man had a tip that could help me? yes it has worked out! Thank you.
PS: please excuse my English, is translated by google.

Best regards Marco

pluggulp said...

I installed this on a GigaByte H55N-USB3 runnuing 10.6.4 according to the instructions above and the Ethernet card and the driver show up in System Profiler (exacly as per your screenshot). Unfortunately, the driver doesn't sense when an Ethernet cable is plugged in and I don't get a connection.
Any hints what I could try ?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Marco: I didn't understand.
Does Wake-On-LAN work for you ?
It should work if you enable it in the BIOS.

If you still have problems, please see Reporting Problems above.

Lnx2Mac said...

@pluggulp: Please make sure to remove the following (if found):

Also, are you auto-negotiating the link ? or forcing a manual one ?

If you still have issues, please see Reporting Problems above.

Anonymous said...


Just as a testing report: Not working with RTL8169 chipset PCI extension card. Network connection shown as active but it does not work.
Only tried the kext, as this card works anyway without any kext or other hack (not tried Bonjour though).

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: This driver currently doesn't support the RTL8169...

However, as support for this is planned, I forgot too remove its PCI ID from the Info.plist

If you need both drivers (e.g. if you have both an RTL8168 and an RTL8169 card), a temporary solution will be to remove the 0x816910ec and the 0x816710ec under IOPCIPrimaryMatch from the /System/Library/Extensions/RealtekRTL81xx.kext/Contents/Info.plist file, and rebuild caches.
This is solved in a new version I'm about to release.

Anonymous said...


Just tried your kext & noticed that I lose WOL. There's no option in 'Energy Saver' to 'Wake for Ethernet network'.

I've tried the one from Realtek which does though if the machine sleeps for longer than 30 mins or so it wakes but the monitor is black & I have no network connectivity!

Any ideas? (I'm using the stock kext at the mo)


Lnx2Mac said...

@Jaraeez: As of v0.0.67, WOL is always enabled and there's no option in Energy Saver control.
However, remember that you have to enable WOL in your BIOS settings.

Regarding the issues with the Official Realtek kext, it seems to work OK for some, while others reported many issues with it.

I'd suggest going back to this v0.0.67, and retesting WOL.

Please report back,

Anonymous said...

@Lnx2Mac: Oh OK I bear that in mind 'there's no option in Energy Saver control'

WOL is enabled at the bios & works with the stock kext though I've noticed that when I run VMware & then close the app after using it I lose the network hence why I thought about another kext.

Sure I'll give it a go again & report back any findings



Lnx2Mac said...

@Jaraeez: Apparently VMware disables multicast when a virtual machine is shutdown, effectively leading to "losing the network".

I'd suggest you to contact VMware on this.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have problems with your kext on the motherboard GA-H55M-S2. No more. How do I fix it?. Thanks

sds said...

hi first thanks for the great work. i ve got a ga-p35-ds3 and your driver works great except for the wake on lan function. are you considering an implementation for that? best regards martijn

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Can you be a bit more specific ? Which problems do you have with your GA-H55M-S2 ?
Also, please see Reporting Problems above.

Lnx2Mac said...

@sds/martijn: Thanks for your feedback !

Note that WOL is enabled in the driver, and as of v0.0.67, the only way to disable it is via the BIOS.

Please report back if you still have issues with it.

Anonymous said...

I will explain my problem. I have a computer with the following characteristics:

i5 processor with motherboard GA-H55M-S2 and VGA NVIDIA GT220 1GB PCI-E ASUS
graphics card.

Using multibeast for installation, I use a modified DSDT for my motherboard. Then I reset the computer and install the audio kext and your network kext. The audio works but the network does not work.

In addition, the computer loads slow and the screen freezes. So, I turn off by pressing the power button, wait 15 seconds, switch on and it boots up fine, but the network operates. If I turn my computer correctly, restarting is the same.

what I can do?

sds said...

i am runnning the 0.0.67. Wol is enabled in bios. I use a loader of iboot. I installed the debug version, but can't find the log.(debug.log?).Could there be a file that is blocking the wol from working. example sleepenable? or the kext from p35-ds3? I hope you can bring some light in the tunnel.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Regarding your issues please see Reporting Problems above...
However, it seems your problems span beyond Network.

Lnx2Mac said...

@sds: The logs can be found in kernel.log (see Console.app).

What do you mean by "the kext from p35-ds3" ?

How about joining the tonymacx86 forum ?
I visit and provide support there almost every day.

sds said...

sorry i meant the aml from kexts.com http://www.kexts.com/view/268-ga-p35-ds3.html
I had a problem with bios corruption and this patch fixed that, but maybe it broke something else
i made an account at tony.

Lnx2Mac said...

@sds: I have no idea what this DSDT has...
May be you can discuss this with fellow P35-DS3 users in tonymacx86's forum.

Anonymous said...

should 8187 work? it isn't in the supported list ... the network works but i'm having trouble getting it to see it as a primary interface i think. GetMacAddress returns error 0x00000005

i used to be able to add EthernetBuiltIn = Y in the boot plist and this would be ok. stopped working now


Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: I don't think the 8187 should work (at least in Linux it requires a different driver).

However, please open a topic in the RTL81xx beta testing subforum (so you can post debug logs, etc.) as I'd like to investigate this...

Anonymous said...

Hi lnx2mac! I posted a comment on Oct 8th, re WOL working only erratically. It's taken me a while to work this out, partly due to my lack of time, partly because I was completely on the wrong track! So the good news up front: WOL works perfectly for me with your driver! It turns out I had also updated the firmware of my Synology NAS, which I use as WOL gateway, around the same time I installed your driver. And that apparently made my php script stop working properly (without any visible signs that id did!). So I still could do WOL from my iPhone from within my WLAN network, but not through my NAS from outside...
I'm sorry if my comment made you waste your valuable time, but at least take note that I have immediately posted my comment as soon as I found out the cause...
Thanks again for your work!

Lnx2Mac said...

@wildschwein: Glad WOL works for you !
Since you commented, I started testing WOL with ReadPixel's WakeOnLan and found it works perfectly... Even when the machine is powered off, not just sleeping.

Thanks for reporting back !

Anonymous said...

Fixed my problem, thank you!!!!!!!!

Boban said...

Wondering if ti would be possible to ask for support for the RTL8188s driver ( it is used for example in the A-LINK WNU(L),802.11n/g/b USB 2.0 that I just purchased that does not have native support for osx 10.6 yett but only for 10.4 and 10.5 and thoose are drivers from A-link, on Realtek homepage you can not even get the mac drivers at all for this chipset.

I will be going back to my hack in two days from now with my MB ASUS P5K-PRO, using an ATI HD5750 graphics card.

I am very willing to act as a tester for such support in your driver.

If you are interested you can mail me at trograin [at]gmail.com

Lnx2Mac said...

@Boban: Unfortunately, the 8188s is a different family, and Linux's r8169 driver (on which my RTL81xx is based) doesn't support it.

Anonymous said...

I just installed your driver on a GA-X58A-UD5 2.0 motherboard because I had problems with the Realtek one (only one interface was available and stability was not ok).
With this driver, both interfaces were immediately discovered. For the stability, I have to wait a little bit more.

Anonymous said...


Great work. Using it on GA-P55M-UD2, performance better than Realtek R1000SL and original Realtek driver. Sleep working fine althought a bit more time to wake up than R1000SL.

The only missing feature is Wake On Demand which cannot be enabled either from Energy Saver Preference Pane ( checkbox is missing) or from "/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setwakeonnetworkaccess on" which is reporting "Wake On Network Access: Not supported on this machine."

Any suggestions how to make it work ?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for your comment !
WOL does work, but is always enabled.
It's just the "Energy Saver" interface that's missing, so if you want to disable WOL, you have to do it in the BIOS.

Anonymous said...

Yes WOL works OK. What is not working is Wake On Demand which prevents the system from being woken up by the Bonjour Sleep Proxy in an Airport or a Time Capsule on the network.

Any thoughts ?

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

WOL does indeed work. The problem is that "Wake on Ethernet access" cannot be enabled because the relevant checkbox is missing in the Energy Saver Preference Pane. This is due to the fact that the driver is not reporting the right capabilities as shown when you try to manually enable the service with the "/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setwakeonnetworkaccess on" command. This command reports "Wake On Network Access: Not supported on this machine."

This causes a problem on networks which relies on the Bonjour Sleep Proxy Server (e.g. Airport Extreme or Time Capsule) to wake up computers when a service registered with the sleep proxy server is accessed.

When this capability is implemented, the DNSResponder daemon tells the bonjour proxy server that the system is going to sleep before actually going to sleep which enables the Bonjour proxy server to carry on advertising the service although the host is sleeping.

This feature works with the original 2.0.5. Realtek driver and iis the only way to wake up a host on a network with an airport extreme or time capsule router.

Any idea how to make this work.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for your very detailed description on Wake On Demand !

I'm pretty sure that once I release a new beta (with WoL), it will work!

Will appreciate if you could please contact me via email so we can test this together.


Guilherme Levandoski said...

When will it have support for 8169RTL?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Guilherme Levandoski: Still working on this...
However, doesn't the Apple vanilla driver work for you ?

Anonymous said...


Is this driver working with 10.5.x Leo?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Haven't tried it with Leopard... Why don't you upgrade to Snow ?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Haven't tried it with Leopard... Why don't you upgrade to Snow ?

I am on Snow right now, but I have some issues to deal with. If I will not be able to solve them, I will go back to Leo.

So OK, when and if I'll get my Leo back i will test it and report.


P.S. for me your kext works only when in /S/L/E.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Sorry to hear about your issues with Snow.
Care to share ? Why don't you join tonymacx86's forum ?

As for working only in /S/L/E, that's the intended place, as it depends on IONetworkingFamily.kext

You could copy IONetworkingFamily.kext to /Extra, but I don't recommend it.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Sorry to hear about your issues with Snow.
Care to share ?

Most annoying: spaces get stuck with no keyboard (OSX problem) - log out needed; 10.6.5 USB makes sleep unstable, even the color profile for 7300GT is messed up in 10.6.5. Anyway, I really don't see any good reason (except for the included NTFS driver) for running Snow on Intel 4x or lower chipsets and NVidia 8xxx and lower, which I happen to have.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: If Leopard works for you better than Snow, that's fine...

Actually, I'm still running it on my MacBookPro 17 (but that's due to lack of time to install and restore all my stuff).

Please report back how the driver works for you on 10.5.x


Anonymous said...

@Please report back how the driver works for you on 10.5.x

Kext is not loading under 10.5.8. Error during system load. Anyway, just a brief testing, as now I am back to 10.6. Seems like the latest and greatest of Hackintosh apps have put Leo into oblivion, although not officially. Not so good news for us with older hardware.

Anonymous said...

Does it work with 8110SC/8167?


Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Not at this time...
The 8167 is part of the 8169 family, whereas I'm currently focusing on the 8168...

Robert said...

This actually got my 8169 working. Tried it for giggles and it worked. Does timeout occasionally. But went 24hrs without dropping yesterday.

Anonymous said...

plz create a driver for RTL8185L

and plz mail it to hacknaman@yahoo.com


works a lot faster than RealtekR1000SL for GA-EX58-UD5

Anonymous said...

Had this driver working perfectly in a X58-UD3R R2. Then my main disk had an error that disk utilities couldn't fix, so I formatted and restored from a time machine backup. After reinstalling Chameleon and a few other things, I noticed my bonjour wasn't working anymore. I uninstalled your driver and installed the "official" one. When my system came back up my network preferences said that it was disconnected/no media. I wasn't able to fix this, so I pulled out that driver and reinstalled yours. Same problem! Any idea how to fix? I've tried booting without caches, rebuilding caches/permissions, etc, but no matter what it says that the network isn't plugged in...

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Sometimes, the issue seems to be related to the BIOS not fully initializing the NIC/PHY...

Some things you might want to try are:
- Run the "SmartLAN" feature of the BIOS,
- Power-Off and unplug your machine for some minutes,
- Reflash BIOS and reconfigure it.

Please post back if that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lnx2Mac,

First of all, thanks for the great driver for the hacintosh community !

Sleep/wake works fine, but WOL is not working on gigabyte X58A UD7 mobo. Please let me know what you need me to do to help you get this to work. I'm using your latest beta package installer with iBoot+Multibeast intstaller.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for your feedback !

As long as PME Event Wake Up is enabled in your BIOS, WOL will work...

On 0.0.67, though, there's still no control in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences (i.e. WOL is always on, and controlled by the BIOS)

will navidson said...

installed on gigabyte ga-x58a-ud5 rev 2 (bios FB)

en0 detected but neither dhcp nor manual ip worked

snow leopard 10.6.3 retail

how can i help to debug ?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Will: See Reporting Problems in the post body.

Anonymous said...

H55M-USB3 REV 2.0 not working 8111E

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: The kext is known to work with the RTL8111E on the GA-H55M-USB3 Rev 2.0...

See Reporting Problems in the post body.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. PME Event Wake up is already enabled in my UD7 BIOS.

I think I have run into the same situation the other poster encountered above. The one that has mentioned ""/usr/sbin/systemsetup -setwakeonnetworkaccess on".

Let's hope you can figure it out soon ... Thanks again.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: That comment was about doing WakeOnDemand thru a Bonjour Proxy in a Time Capsule.
Direct WOL should work...

Which WOL utility are you using ?
The one I use is ReadPixel's and works wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it since I've been trying to solve this issue by searching the internet for a long time. I don't use any WOL utility. I'll have to check out ReadPixel's tomorrow, and see if it works.

My Gigabyte UD& Hacintosh is connected to Airport Extreme directly via ethernet cable, and my other MacBook Pros are connected to Airport Extreme via WiFi.

Anonymous said...

Lnx2Mac, Thanks for the tip on ReadPixel's WOL utility. It works !!! Donation is on its way ...

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Thanks, appreciate that !

wildschwein said...

One issue I had, probably totally unrelated to your driver, but maybe somewhat related to your post re. optimal BIOS settings for a hackintosh: I followed the BIOS settings guide, and set all advanced CPU Core Features to enabled, including support for C3/C6/C7 states, plus XMP Profile1. After that, my network stopped working after sleep. I managed to isolate the problem, it's the C3/C6/C7 states support which breaks it for me. I have a GA-EX58-UD5 MB. Just in case someone else experiences the same problem, here's my bit! Thanks again for your hard work!

Lnx2Mac said...

@Wildschwein: Thanks for sharing...
Indeed it's weird that C3/C6/C7 affected the network...

If you feel like doing it, it might help if you could install the debug version of the driver, and email me (lnx2mac@gmail.com) the kernel.log in both situations (with and without C3/C6/C7)

Might help diagnosing the problem, and, eventually, fixing it...

Thanks !

Karlson said...


tried the driver on GA-41M-ES2L V1.4, which should
be should be equiped with RTL8111/8168B Vendor ID 10ec.

I still have auto-negotiation issues, will only connect with 100Mbit with my Switch.

Any ideas? Manual settings will not work either. AppleRTL8169 kext either.


Lnx2Mac said...

@Karlson: Can you try with a different cable or on another switch port ?

Are other computers linking at 1Gbps with your switch ?

BilletHQ said...

Hey man.
I run on GigaByte X58-UDR3 (2.0)
The system worked fine but no sleep / no network.

Install realtek driver using multibeast, network worked until restart.

Used your driver - had some double click issues - is this the USB thing people talking about ? Sleep worked good though.
None of the kext mentioned earlier in the extra folder.

Repaired permission, built chaches etc. Any ideas ?

Yesterday I even had the little ethernet light going !
but then again, in computers it always worked yesterday...


Václav Dort said...

Thanks for you great work.

Easy Installer package: I think correct place for this driver is /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/

nor only /System/Library/Extensions

shineleet said...

i have Realtek RTL8139/810x and this driver don't work in my Mac OS X. "Cable is unplugged" ://

Blog said...

Hi everyone, i have a motherboard Gigabyte X48TDQ6 y and don´t know if it will runs....

Lnx2Mac said...

@BilletHQ: This driver is known to work very well on the X58-UDR3 Rev2...
The USB issues are with the Official Realtek drivers...
See Reporting Problems above, and join the conversation ;)

Lnx2Mac said...

@Václav Dort: Thanks !

Yes, this could easily go in the Plugins folder of IONetworkingFamily.kext

Only problem would be you'll have to reinstall it each time IONetworkingFamily.kext is updated.

That's why I prefer to keep it in /System/Library/Extensions.

Lnx2Mac said...

@shineleet: That's right. Version v0.0.67 still doesn't support 8139/810x...

Lnx2Mac said...

@Blog: It should work with the RTL8111C on your GA-X48T-DQ6...

Good Luck !

Anonymous said...

Hi Lnx2Mac,
I have a GA-X58-UD5 and I today I moved to your driver which solved some autodetection issues, so I am quite happy.
Now there is one more issue to address IMHO: supporting JUMBO FRAMES. I saw this feature is on your roadmap, do you have any idea on when you are going to release the first beta supporting such feature? I can't wait to evaluate how much it will boost performances in Mac-to-NAS transfers.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Glad it helps you !
I've been quite busy lately, so I'm working on this just on weekends...

Hope the wait won't be too long... Stay tuned ;)

Anonymous said...

Any progress on the control in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences?

I doesn't actually have to be able to enable/disable WOL, it just needs to be checked so it will register WOL capabilities with an Airport router.

Thanks :)

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: WOL control in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences is working on my pre-Alpha version...

I'm still polishing some rough-edges before going Beta with it.

Anonymous said...

Really nice!:)

Denis said...

Hi! I've got the following issue with the network that I was told would be cured with your driver, but unfortunately it wasn't. The issue is that my network keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Any outcoming request causes dropping of the connection and after some seconds it re-enables itself. For example I open Safari, type an address, hit Enter and it says I don't have connection to Internet. After a while the page I requested reloads by itself and opens up. If I click any link on that page it would again show me a connection error page and then would again refresh itself and show the page at the link. System update doesn't work because of it, as it begins searching for the updates, but then shows an error... My system is ga-48-ds5 (8111C), C2D E8500, GF 9800GTX+, 4gb RAM. Do you have any ideas why I am experiencing this? Thanks in advance!

Lnx2Mac said...

@Denis: Please see Reporting Problems, above. I'll need you to install the debug version of the driver and post your kernel.log there.

Denis said...

Thanks for a prompt answer! I resolved the issue actually. The problem was with a setting in the DSL modem - PPP IP extension. As soon as I made DHCP to assign a local network address to the interface everything works like a charm. It seems MAC OS doesn't like IP extension :)

Anonymous said...

thks i have not tryed it but i hope it works

Anonymous said...

Hi I just installed the Driver for my GA-P55 USB3

But I dont get Network connection ! ... what is wrong. I see Ethernet in Settings ... but no Connect ... :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks, solved my issues with interface not available in windows after reboot and slow (10mbit) connection in OSX.
Asus p7h55-m usb3

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Check this post to see if it helps getting a connection...

Anonymous said...

What IONetworkingFamily.kext should I use for your ReaktekRTL81xx.kext? I used Digital_Dreamer's method of install and the options are: IONetworkingFamily.kext forAppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext, or, IONetworkingFamily.kext for RealtekR1000SL.kext. I was using the R1000SL package, and lan was working, but I was getting a blank System/Machine ID when attempting to authorize certain software. Please help me. I've been at this issue for 3 days solid. Thanks in advance!

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: The IONetworkingFamily.kext you should use is the Vanilla one.

As RealtekRTL81xx.kext depends on IONetworkingFamily.kext, I install it on /System/Library/Extensions/

This not only resolves the dependency, but it also avoids issues like what you described (and conflicting IONetworkingFamily.kext versions).

That's why I don't install it in /Extra/Extensions...

Dudenesspa said...

I still lose internet upon wake with your kext.

I have an ASUS P5G41C-M LX motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
Nvidia GT 220 1GB

Iboot Installer
multibeast 3.1 - easybeast
latest SleepEnabler.kext from Kext.com
OSX 10.6.6

Matt Dyer said...

Working perfectly on Gigabyte GA D525TUD Micro ITX with Dual Core Atom.
Used, iBoot Legacy, plus Sandy Bridge patch and Multibeast Easybeast.
Works like a charm.
New combo for the mix?

Koen van Rhee said...

Thanks for the good work. It fixed Bonjour for me.

Unfortunately autodetection doesn't pick up my Gigabit TimeMachine router speed. It is directly connected but still auto negotiates at 100Mbit.

Manually forcing 1 gigabit works fine, though.

lspci tells me:
Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 02).

Cai said...

Good to see your still actively answering questions. My problem is after I install osx with no network drivers/kexts, and then install your driver, and reboot, there is still no ethernet option in network settings. There's nothing there, just the firewire. Im using OSx 10.5.7. Any advice?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Dudenesspa: Please see Reporting Problems.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Koen van Rhee: Could you please try other set of cables ?
Are you referring to the Apple TimeCapsule ?
Symptoms like what you describe could be from low-quality cabling or interoperability issues with your router (though I doubt it)

Lnx2Mac said...

@Cai: Not much I can say without knowing which hardware you are running on...
As for advice, why not use Snow Leopard ?

Stewart Priddy said...

Thanks for all the hard work. Your new installer brought my 8111e to life on a ga-x58a-ud3r R2. Everything works without anyone bugs noticed one month after install. One thing I am having problems with is performance. After manually setting in network preferences the speed at G-bit, the LAN speeds are still noticeably slow, and when backing up the machine via TimeMachine the data begins to crawl after time. A 70 GB backup takes an entire day instead of half an hour. Any suggestions.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Stewart: Thanks for your feedback... Glad it helped you !

Regarding performance, take a look at the tips I posted in this post...
One user reported a six-fold throughput improvement !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the installer, it works like a charm for the most part on my GA-H55M-USB3 F11... the only problem I have is that iTunes 10 on my Hackintosh fails to see my Apple TV (ATV is ping-able from Hackintosh but iTunes just doesn't see it)... yet the ITunes 10 on my Macbook can see the ATV without any problem. My Hackintosh and Apple TV are wired to the same router to which my Macbook is connected over WiFi. Any ideas? Appreciate your help. Thanks, -Ed

Anonymous said...

Really sorry about the false alarm... the driver worked fine on my GA-H55M-USB3 F11... and iTunes now sees my ATV... just a stupid mistake of mine... thanks again for the great work! Regards, -Ed

Aaron said...

Is this driver based on GPLed software? If so, where is the source code? You are obligated to provide the source code you know in that case. It seems the official Realtek Linux drivers are GPLed. Can we please get a copy of your derived sources?

airwolf said...

the drive installed fine and itunes see my network dlink DNS-321 but Front Row fail to see
UPnP AV SERVER, iTunes SERVER, LLTD from Source as it does not see Dlink DNS-321 at all. My Dell D620 can see Dlink-321 from Front Row just fine.

Can you tell me how to get it working?

my board is GA-H55-USB3

airwolf said...

i have GA-H55-USB3 board but front row unable to see the itunes server from the NAS. itunes have no problem seeing it, just the front row did not see if i pick the source. my laptop front row has now problem. is it because the driver not compatible with front row?

kingofthesofas said...

First off thanks for all the hard work on this set of drivers. I have read through just about every page of this post and cannot find an answer for my problem. I have a GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 2.0) motherboard and I used nawcomBoot CD to install osx on my system. I have gotten everything working including audio and graphics but I still cannot seem to get on board ethernet working. I have installed and re-installed the driver install package on this site as well as anything else I can find from other people with the same board. I have tried removing all my network related kexts and then reinstalling it to no avail and repairing all my permissions. All I get when I look in system profiler is "this computer does not appear to have any pci ethernet cards installed". Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get ethernet working? If there is another thread that deals with this can you please point me in the right direction. Thanks

Patrick said...

Hi, Im really grateful for your work, unfortunately it doesn't work on H55M-UD2H Boards. I can see the Ethernet Card on the System profiler but wasn't able to set a connection in the Network Settings. Thanks again

Lnx2Mac said...

@Aaron: It's indeed GPL, and, having been contributing to Open Source software since the early 90s, I'm aware of my obligations.
As previously stated, I'm improving and restructuring the code, and that's why I haven't made a public source release yet.
Unfortunately, I've been swamped with work in the last months, which lead to a delay in releasing the new version (along with it's source).

Lnx2Mac said...

@airwolf: Please verify it's defined as en0, and also that you have EthernetBuiltIn as Yes in your /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist
Also, you might need to edit /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist

Lnx2Mac said...

@kingofthesofas: Did you use the RTL81xx installer package ?
Is your NIC enabled in the BIOS ?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Patrick: Thanks for your comment.
The driver is known to work on the H55M-UD2H...
Does your NIC work on ther OSes ? If not, see this post for tips on restoring a "dead NIC".

kingofthesofas said...

@Lnx2Mac yes I have checked to make sure it is enabled in the bios and I used the RTL81XX installer package. By all accounts it really should work now because other people with the same hardware have used the RTL81xx installer package and it works like a champ for them. I guess at this point I should install windows on a seperate partition and make sure the ethernet nic isn't broken or something. Any other thoughts? Thanks for all the hard work. When I get this working I am for sure going to donate :)

newfla said...

hi,can you add support for 8191se PCI CARD? There are a lot of people that search a kext for it
I'm Italian boy
Thank you

Mallinanga said...

First of all many thanks for the very stable driver!

i have a question which is probably unrelated to the driver :\
is the a way to disable ipv6 _completely_ in snow leopard?

and i don't mean through system preferences.. i have done that but
netstat -f inet6 -ln shows that the ipv6 driver is still loaded. :\

Lnx2Mac said...

@kingofthesofas: Have you tried the procedure I describe in this post on TonyMacx86 forum for tips on restoring a "dead NIC" ?

Lnx2Mac said...

@newfla: The 8191se WLAN adapter doesn't belong to the family of NICs this driver supports (816x).

Lnx2Mac said...

@Mallinanga: Thanks for your feedback !

Regarding your ipv6 question, I never tried this, but you can check this page:

Good Luck !

Mr Incredible said...


I tried to install the Driver for my RTL8111C equipped Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R motherboard because I use a custom DSDT and when I overclock the system hangs on loading the Apple RTL8169e driver. But on standard speeds the system boots fine.

However, the install of the Lnx2Mac driver fails (either through MultiBeast or on its own, and with or without the debug option). The routine appears to go OK but at the end I get this message "The Installation Failed"


Not sure why I have this problem Any ideas?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Mr Incredible: Check the /var/log/install.log file to get some hints as to why it's failing.
If you want, feel free to post it or email it to me and I'll look into it.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had a successful installation on a P55-UD3L 2.3 with RTL8111E network card?

I see the card, but it is always giving me a self-assigned IP address, DHCP not working nor the manual IP.

Tried changing the speed, and full/half duplex options, but no luck.

Any solution?


Lnx2Mac said...

@anonymous: have you tried the procedure I described in Reviving Dead Ethernet Ports ?

Anonymous said...

I've been having weird sleep issues with 10.6.6 and finally narrowed it down to WOL problem. When I wake up the g31m-es2l board via WOL, it wakes up the 1st time. But if I sent more than 1 WOL packet, once the system goes to sleep it doesn't wake up, not via WOL and not by keyboard/mouse. I could send just 1 WOL frame while the system is awake, and the system wouldn't wake up once it goes to sleep. And if I send a single WOL frame while the system is asleep, it also works fine. Perhaps some int bit isn't getting cleared by the rtl82xx driver. Would love to see it fixed in the next release. Thanks!

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for your comment regarding WOL.

I'd recommend you to check for an updated BIOS, as no special action is being performed for WOL in the v0.0.67 driver.

Beaner said...

Hi... I got a Realtek 8139. Can you make it work to plz !!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I use your driver on pair of EP45-DS3 since two weeks. I had problems with internet connection after booting Lion, but your driver fixed it and one more trouble too.
Finally I don't have problems with randomly "disappearing" internet connection with Steam (gaming platform) :) I'll report if I will experience any bugs in the future.
Thanks a lot for all your efforts! People like you make open source community alive :)


Lnx2Mac said...

@Beaner: The support for 8139 is on the works ;)
Next release will support it (no date yet, though)

Lnx2Mac said...

@mic: Thanks for your comment !

Beaner said...

@Lnx2Mac Thank you!!! I hope it will be soon i love mac and i love your work <3!

Anonymous said...

hey Lnx2Mac
I've got a EX58-UD5 and use a broadcom bcm432b for airport.
I'm using tonymac's DSDT and had everything running fine except ethernet so I installed your driver w multibeast.
After a restart I have NO airport or ethernet now. Just says "no aiport card installed" and nothing shows up in my networks preference pane
I deleted the realtek kext and still have no airport either!
any ideas on how to fix it?? I'd just like to gain back my working airport. thanks!

Lnx2Mac said...

@Beaner: Thanks !

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Have you replaced your IONetworkingfamily.kext to get the BCM432b working ?

Vaoske said...


Anyone knows if Wake on Demand is working with the latest driver?

Greets from The Netherlands

Lnx2Mac said...

@Vaoske: On 0.0.67, WakeOnLAN works, WakeOnDemand doesn't [yet].

Anonymous said...

thanks for this driver. any word on support for RTL8169?

Anonymous said...


Tony said...


I am trying to download the driver, but the links are broken. Are there any other places to download? Can't wait to try the new installer package!


Lnx2Mac said...

Links are OK. You might want to try with a different browser.
Some people (using Google Apps) sometimes have trouble downloading this, so you might have to log-out from your Google account and try again.

OSXer said...

Links aren't working for me either, I've tried firefox and chrome and have cleared all cache. Would appreciate it if you could add a mirror using a host like www.mediafire.com


Lnx2Mac said...

@Tony & @OSXer:

Given the number of people reporting issues downloading, I'm mirroring the v0.0.67+ package on GitHub.

You can download the package from: RealtekRTL81xx-0_0_67+.pkg (GitHub Mirror)

BTW, sources are not there yet...
Will be pushed soon... ;-)

hitmanjam1 said...

If people are still having problems downloading this awesome driver it is now available as an optional install with the latest version of MultiBeast.

Thanks for the driver Lnx2Mac!! Wouldn't have my ethernet working on my GA-H57M-USB3 without it :D

Anonymous said...

New realtek official drivers "2011/3/9" and i think they are much faster than yours :( :( !!!!

you can check it here http://www.realtek.com.tw/DOWNLOADS/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false

Also it will be great if you make a comparison between your driver and the new official one

Pulgolino said...

Hi Lnx2mac, can you help me to make my device works?
I have a RTL 8111/8168B with the same id's than your.
I install the pkg, reboot the mac, and nothing.
I have to remove the RTL8169 from S/L/E?
'cause i can't use the Net.

Lnx2Mac said...

@Pulgolino: The installer takes care or removing conflicting kexts (except the vanilla ones, which you shouldn't touch).

Check out my post on Reviving Dead Ethernet Ports.

Nebojsa said...

Your driver is great because it solves the usb-not-working-after-restart issue. Cheers to that!

I was wandering is there a way to speed up the internet a little bit while using this driver?

Original Realtec driver gives much faster and more reliable surfing. Thanks very much.

Lnx2Mac said...

@nebojsa: Thanks for your comment !

Actually, I've posted a while back some tips on speeding up the network here.

Please post back if that helped !

Nebojsa said...

This solution didn't work at first for me, but it worked second time with delayed_ack=1. Thanks a lot man. You are the KING!

Anonymous said...

kext RTL8111E don't work on my motherboard GA-P67A-UD4-B3
do you want help me

Lnx2Mac said...

@Nebojsa: Thanks for your comment ! Glad it works !

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: The current version (v0.0.67+) still doesn't support the newer hardware revisions of the 8111E as found on the GA-P67A-UD4-B3.

I'm currently working on a new version to support it.

Paul Jarda said...

It does not work with the GA-Z68A-D3H-B3, which uses RTL8111E.

lyberry said...

any update as to when a new version might be released?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Paul Jarda: Your motherboard probably uses the newer revision of the 8111E, which v0.0.67+ of my driver doesn't support.

Lnx2Mac said...

@lyberry: It's almost ready for Alpha testing... Hang on there...

Anonymous said...

Is there support for mobile versions such as the RTL8191SE?

Lnx2Mac said...

@Anonymous: Not on this driver. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Its Excelent!!! thank you

Dimesh said...

I installed mac os x snow leopard on my Laptop
Which its hardware specification is
Thanks to God i installed mac beside Windows7-32bit and Ubuntu-11.04 at the same hard from this link
It was suitable i hope it will have longlife
I used in Booting step OSX86 MODCD and all my driver works good
But there is a problem Hope not make all things about mac's dream fall down
No internet access
At network preference
Ethernet -- Self Assigned IP
i go to the man who connect internet for me, he said it takes an IP different not wright for my network
he did his best in all network prefernece
now : Ethernet -- Connected
But safari does not find any internet
i have tried all possible RealTek kexts i found but nothing works
i hope anyone respond as i was tring installing mac and fixing its error with no one support me from poeple who make the tutorials

Thanks for reading

Lnx2Mac said...

@Dimesh: It seems your laptop uses a Realtek RTL8139/810x NIC, for which there's no support with this driver.
You can try with Realtek's Official one (after removing all other Realtek kexts you installed).

Dimesh said...

@Lnx2MAc: Can you tell me how can i find Realtek's Official one and how can i remove all realtek kexts

Lnx2Mac said...

@Dimesh: Download from Realtek's site.
To identify which kext is in use, check in System Profiler (under Hardware | Ethernet Cards | Location).

Dimesh said...

Thanks for replay
and i found that there is no support for my RealTek card
i will wait for its support either in you kext or anywhere
Or at mac lion
anyway thanks for

Anonymous said...

does not support my board Z68X UD4 B3 which has a 8111E ethernet device

tried everything on the net. no luck

(but im sure that the official one works great on 10.6 retail, but after I updated to 10.6.8, it stopped to work . I tried yours, same thing.

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