June 26, 2010

Installing the Mugen-2 Rev.B CPU Cooler on the GA-P55M-UD4

Installing a massive heatsink that requires a backplate might be intimidating for some.
However, the back-plate and bolt-thru mechanism are much more sturdy and stable than the tension-mount or plastic push-pins most small heatsinks use.

While the instructions included with the Scythe's Mugen-2 Rev.B are very easy to follow, here are some tips.

Did I mention this thing is huge ? It's enormous !

The Mugen-2 is not-symmetric and can thus be mounted in two directions.
Also, the Fan can be installed in one of four positions, and it's also possible to attach a 2nd fan.

My preferred setup is to mount the Mugen-2 so the slits are perpendicular to the RAM slots.
This way, the fan is located over the RAM, blowing through the fins and toward the rear exhaust.

Without delay, let's get this baby installed.


  • Start by attaching the "Screw Cup" to the Clip for LGA1156, and fix with the "Fixing Cup",
  • Secure the Clip for LGA1156 to the cooler,
  • Apply a small quantity (about the size of a small rice grain) to the center of the CPU, and spread evenly,
  • Remove the protective film from the cooler.

Mounting the Cooler

  • Lay the Mugen-2 without the fan on a table, upside down (on the heatpipes bolts),
  • Turn the motherboard upside down with care, so as not to bend any components or get the thermal compound dirty,
  • Put the backplate in place,
  • Using just one screw line up the motherboard and the cooler,
    If you don't feel comfortable with this, you might want to use toothpicks or paper clips to line-up all 4 holes, and then proceed to replace them by screws,
  • Install the opposite screw in the backplate,
  • Proceed to install the other 2 screws,
  • Tighten gradually all 4 screws. 
Here is how it looks when done...

We can now go back and finalize motherboard installation.

Notes on RAM sticks with High heat-spreaders

It's still possible to use RAM sticks with high heat-spreaders (e.g. G.Skill RipJaws), but in this case, the cooler Fan will be displaced upwards, as can be seen in this image.

Compare this with how it looks when using the G.Skill Eco


  1. I have a Mugen 2 revision B on one PC and on an other a Noctua NH-C12P SE14. The attachement unit of the cooler of the Noctua is very better. It costs a little more but is so easy to install. It's more efficient and more compatible with thin cases.

  2. @Anonymous:
    Thanks for your comment.
    I wouldn't call the Noctua's attachment "better", just "easier to install".

    However, being almost double the price, and less efficient than the Mugen-2 Rev.B, I wouldn't pick it, except for smaller cases.

    In my opinion, for smaller cases, the BigShuriken, Grand Kama Cross, or the Samurai ZZ are better choices, as these provide similar thermal and noise performance at a much lower price...

  3. Great tip about using the toothpicks, thanks!