June 26, 2010

Installing the Motherboard

Assembling a PC requires a little practice... and a couple of free hours to burn.
Personally, I've been doing this for almost 30 years, so it's become kind of second nature.

Following these simple steps, our PC will be ready in little time for installing and running OSX.

Preparing the case

  • Start by unpacking the Motherboard,

  • Handling it carefully, we'll align the motherboard in the case, and install motherboard spacers (I used 8 for mine) in the case,
  • With the case ready, we set it aside and focus back on the Motherboard,

Setting up the Motherboard

  • Install the CPU on the LGA1156 socket,
  • Mount the Mugen-2 Rev.B heatsink on the CPU (See this post for the gory details)

  • Insert the G.Skill Eco RAM in the RAM slots,
  • Mount the Mugen-2 Fan on the Cooler,
  • Connect the cooler fan to the "CPU Fan" header of the motherboard.
  • Motherboard is ready

  • It's time to install the motherboard in the case

Fixing the Motherboard in the case

  • It might help to connect the 8-pin ATX_12V CPU Power connector from the PSU to the board before fixing the motherboard to the case, as it's going to be tight there.
  • Fix the motherboard to the spacers in the case.

OK, we can now proceed to installing the hard drive and DVD

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